Data Journalism

Chris Knox

Data Editor at the New Zealand Herald (in August 2019)

13 August, 2019

What is data journalism?

Paul Bradshaw from Birmingham City University says:

Data can be the source of data journalism, or it can be the tool with which the story is told — or it can be both.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism says:

Data journalism is simply journalism.

The former is a new and trendy term but ultimately, it is just a way of describing journalism in the modern world.

Learning goals

Practical skills

Mindset skills

  • Confidence to source and use data in a story
    • Data is not scary
  • Data is (just) another source
    • Just like other sources data must be treated fairly and in context

One number in isolation is almost certainly misleading

Why use data in stories?

  • Context
  • Trust
  • Clarity and/or conciseness
  • Engagement

What does data give the narrative?

Narrative/Cognitive tension?

Not sure exactly what to call it - but I think it is important.



  • Name
  • Why are you studying journalism?
  • What is your relationship with data?

What roles does data have in journalism?