In-class exercise - July 30

Source some data from and process it through Workbench to create a chart - share the workflow with

In-class exercise - Aug 06

Write a pitch for a data-driven or data-supported article.

Data journalism article - Sep 05

Write a short article that uses data as a key source.

Recommended datasets will be available for this assessment. However if you wish to tie it into other projects then please come and discuss it with me.

Accessment article

  • The purpose of the pitch is for me to check that you have selected a reasonable dataset
    • Try to include a rough chart - even a screenshot of the data that would be good
    • If you can’t explain why you think this data is newsworthy even though you haven’t been able to make a chart yet.

The final accessment will be worth 90% and will be the only graded accessment - the other two are worth 5% and are just completion based.

Article: Write an article using data as a key source:

I recommend you use one of:

You are welcome use another dataset - just discuss it with me first.

For the article you may:

  • Pretend any data you use has just been released
  • Pretend that no-one else has written anything using that data
  • Indicate who you would interview and what questions you would ask them - but not actually do the interview.

I will be accessing the article based on:

  • The way you present the data as being newsworthy
  • The way you explain the data to the reader
  • How well the way you choose to present the data fits with the story
  • How well the other sources you bring (or propose to bring) to the story augment the data