Getting started with New Zealand sources of open data

Chris Knox

10 July, 2021

Finding New Zealand data

There is

a lot
open data
available in and about New Zealand

A screenshot of the catalogue search showing 28,607 datasets are available. The second dataset listed is MBIE's rental bond data

So that’s a lot!

  • You might quickly find the problem is too much data
  • So if you only
    remember one thing
    from this course

Figure.NZ’s mission is to get the people of New Zealand using data to thrive.

This includes being very happy to help journalists if you reach out with questions about New Zealand data

  • Visual
  • Links to and documentation of original sources
  • Clear licensing
  • Reusable
  • Data


Download just the data you see

If you can only remember two things - remember add /data.csv to Figure.NZ urls


Sometimes the data used to create the chart you see is only part of a data set. So don’t use data from /data.csv calculate percentages.